2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix: Key Facts

For the first time in years, Formula One is racing on a circuit that circles famous areas of the glitz and glam city of Las Vegas.  Here's what you need to know.

Not only are there races in Miami and Circuit of the Americas this year, but a third US based Grand Prix hosted in Las Vegas will be an attack on the senses.

Image from Mercedes-AMG F1 Petronas

1) It is a fast circuit.

 This track is 6.2 km, or 3.85 miles, per lap and includes some very fast sections.  One that we are most excited for is between turn 12 and turn 14 - a long straight almost 2 km long that ends at a near 90 degree left turn.  This should provide for some exciting speeds and dramatic overtakes, however we are also concerned about driver safety due to this extreme corner.  The drivers will be going from speeds of 310 kph down to 90 in a blink.  

Our next favorite sequence will be near the starting line that begins with a strong left hairpin and a set of S turns to set up for a medium straight, again ending in a near 90 degree turn.  Turns 1-4 should be a great area to spectate.

Turn 6-9 are around the new Sphere and will have some really dynamic art elements introduced to the race.

Overall, we are expecting a majority of the race to be close to full throttle and will absolutely be a challenge for the teams to trade off on downforce vs. higher speed capability.

2) Waltzing on the Strip

Famous for its lights, neon, and various ways to spend your hard earned money, the Las Vegas strip will be a prominent feature on this street circuit track.  It's hard to believe that taxis won't be able to drop off their clients for at least a week surrounding this track with all of the road closures and setup, however with such a huge infusion of cash to the city and surrounding casinos and venues it is easy to see the justification.  

3) Third US based Grand Prix in one season

As mentioned in the opener, another important note to having the Las Vegas Grand Prix is that it will be three in one season to race on US soil.  The FIA must have taken notice to the larger popularity of Formula One in the USA (Drive to Survive, anyone?).  As a F1 fan based in Denver, CO, I'm happy to see the sport gaining interest and acceptance to a country dominated by the likes of NASCAR.

Las Vegas Grand Prix Posters and Wall Art

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4) The Actual Track Facts

Circuit length 6.201 km (3.853 miles)
Race length 310.050 km (192.656 miles)



November 18, 2023

Length of Contract Agreement

10 Years, hoping for longer



Length of corner 12-14

1.9 km




As of printing this post, the actual first run of the race hasn't happened yet but we are excited to see the event unfold and will update at a later time with results.


Until then, stay safe out there race fans!