Super Lap Battle - The Aftermath

Super Lap Battle - what a time!  This annual event held at Circuit of the Americas was a huge success this year with many new records across the board. 

Time Attack is the featured event which hosts many different classes from Unlimited, Street, Enthusiast, Pro/Comp, and Limited.  We saw some return entries like the LYFE Motorsport R35 GTR as well as new ones like the Super-TI Fujitsubo Subaru Impreza.

We had a great opportunity to partner with SLB in providing custom art for posters and trophies.  During some down time on the weekend, all of the drivers collect and meet with spectators to sign these posters.

Another part of our collaboration involved Standing Start designing some custom trophies for all of the podium finishers.  We are happy how these came out and are a bit different from the normal trophies you might see at events, something we pride ourselves on.

We are always open for collaboration, so don't hesitate to reach out and let's get to talking!